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My Name is Kenie James, owner and founder of Hair La Belle.

I am an African by origin and have been doing hair like braids, dreadlocks since I was 10 years old because braiding is part of my culture. I love and enjoy doing it and making people beautiful is my passion. I moved to Europe in 1999, and learned more about white or Caucasian hair care. I loved working in the beauty industry so I decided to go to beauty school of cosmetology when I moved to the United States to San Jose in 2007 and got my license as a cosmetologist. I moved to Sacramento and started working from home in my garage and became very popular so rented a booth in a beauty salon.

As time went on, my clientele expanded to the point of needing help so I decided to open my own salon business to create a friendly and better environment for my clients. Because of my root as an African and learning experience in white or Caucasian hair care, I am specialized in natural and biracial hair care and have styled various natural hair texture grades from the likes of Stevie Wonder.

Hair la belle formerly called Kenie's Perfect Braids was founded in 2007 by Kenie james. Hair la belle 's purpose is to consistently provide professional salon service to honored guests with integrity, knowledge, skill, and a smile, in a relaxing environment, while providing an experience that will foster long lasting relationships. We are a company of genuine concern for our guests and their expectations. We strive to go above and beyond those expectations by acquiring the knowledge and skills.

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